006 WordPress

13 Jul 2012

Wordpress is an open source blogging engine that can be downloaded and installed for your own use and customisation. Here we will install Wordpress, create a sub-domain and have a blog website running in no time. We will also explore some common features, plugins and themes for Wordpress.

Download video: mp4

Version: 3.4.1

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  1. Wordpress.com for free blogging on a sub-domain
  2. Wordpress.org for self-hosted blogging
  3. Differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org


  1. Signup for Wordpress.com
  2. Wordpress.org installations:

##Tools used:

  1. FileZilla FTP Client
  2. cPanel from your web host

##Learning Wordpress:

  1. New to wordpress
  2. Wordpress features
  3. Free plugins
  4. Free themes

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