007 Web Fonts

20 Jul 2012

We will explore 3 common ways of embedding cool non-standard fonts in a webpage using Typekit, CSS3 Font Face and Google Web Fonts. At the same time we will learn what are some of the common wifi standards and how to know which one we are using!

Download video: mp4

Sample code: Github

##Tools used:

  1. Google Web Fonts for free font embedding
  2. Typekit for free and paid font service
  3. CSS3 Font-face for embedding our own font files


##Learning about Wireless Standards:

  1. Understanding Common Wifi Standards
  2. IEEE 802.11
  3. Using MAC OS X Lion’s new Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool or Get detailed wifi info from the menu bar

##Build Link of this Episode

The Change Log podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland!