025 VirtualBox

14 Dec 2012

VirtualBox is an amazing tool where we can run different operating systems in our MAC OSX machines! In this episode, we will learn how to run a Windows 8, Arch and Ubuntu operating systems and run them in the same machine all in the spirit of exploring different philosophies and technologies of operating systems!

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Version: 4.2.4

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##Background on VirtualBox and Virtualisation

  1. VirtualBox and downloads
  2. What is vitualisation (wikipedia)
  3. Coursera Lesson on Computer Architecture and the Abstractions in Modern Computing Systems [slide 8]
  4. History of Operating Systems and OS History
  5. Linux operating system:

    1. Beginners Level Course
    2. Major Linux Distributions
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Arch, Cinnamon UI and Cinnarch
  6. Windows 8 operating system
  7. why install a virtualise? To learn about operating systems or to simple do a cross browser and device testing for our applications (using browsers, dropbox, etc)

##Things to learn with VirtualBox

  1. Download virtualbox
  2. Download ubuntu, cinnarch and windows 8 *.iso files
  3. Install windows 8, ubuntu, cinnarch
  4. guest editions: VirtualBox > Devices > Install Guest Additions
  5. keyboard and pointer captures - give back the control of mouse and keyboard to host OS: VirtualBox > Preferences > Input

##More Resources on Virtualisation

  1. Parallels Desktop
  2. VMWare Fusion
  3. Killer Arch Linux Installation
  4. Cinnarch - Where Arch meets Cinnamon
  5. Install Windows 8 with Guest Additions

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