041 Vim

04 May 2013

Vim is an extension of Vi editor, a powerful text editor used with much configurations and customisations among developers. With many keystrokes and shortcuts, we can achieve enchanced productivity given the high learning curve. In this episode we will review the basics of Vim with a simple outline of software design patterns.

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Sample code: Github

Version: 7.3

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##Background on Vim

  1. Main website
  2. Wikipedia
  3. MacVim
  4. Git commit after merge opens VIM

##Things to learn with Vim

###1. download and open vim 1. download or on a MAC OSX, just open the command line and type vim 2. update the MAC OSX vim with MacVim 3. go through the in-built vim tutor with vimtutor in the command line

###2. basics

open your command line and note the folder path that you are in currently


vim - open one file

vim path/to/file/name

edit the file

save the file

quit with no changes

quit without saving change

quit and save

navigate through the file contents


cut copy paste

search and replace

access command line

###3. layout



###4. vim config

  1. the file resides in ~/.vimrc
  2. some common settings include:

``` set nocompatible

call pathogen#infect()

syntax enable set number set incsearch set hlsearch set autoindent set smartindent set shiftwidth=2 set guifont=Monaco:h25 set fileencoding=utf-8 set encoding=utf-8 set ruler set hidden colorscheme solarized set tabstop=2 set foldenable


###5. macros

  1. start recording: qa, where a is the name of the macro
  2. stop recording: q
  3. view the registered commands: :reg
  4. start the macro: @a or repeat it [email protected], where a is the name of the macros

###6. color scheme

  1. get current theme: :colo
  2. set current theme: :colo [tab] or :colo [theme]
  3. set light/dark options: :set bg=light

##More Resources on Vim

  1. nano, pico and other command line text editors
  2. Mac Vim
  3. Just use Sublime Text
  4. How to set environment variables on MAC OSX Lion
  5. Vimcast
  6. Tutsplus Vim course

##More resources on the project - design patterns

  1. Design Patterns by the gang of 4
  2. Design patterns book

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