008 Sublime Text

27 Jul 2012

Sublime Text is a powerful text editor for coding. We will explore it’s features like plugins, multiple selections and accessing projects, files and folders.

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Version: 2216

##Tools used:

  1. Sublime Text
  2. Sublime Text documentation
  3. Download the Dev build of Sublime Text
  4. Extending Sublime Text

##Using Sublime Text:

###Opening with Command Line or the Finder

  1. Open Sublime Text from command line using subl . to open the entire folder of files
  2. Open Sublime Text from the finder

###Setting Preferences

  1. Preferences > Settings > Default to view all default settings
  2. Preferences > Settings > User to edit my own settings
    • add "ignored_packages": [] and remove the default “Vintage” to enable Vim mode
    • add "vintage_start_in_command_mode": true to start Vim mode on startup

###Package Control

  1. Install Package Control
  2. Shift + Cmd + p and then type browse packages to search through installed packages
  3. Shift + Cmd + p and then type install to search through packages for installation. Some useful ones include:
    • Zen Coding
    • Prefixr
    • Nettuts + Fetch

###Access Files & Folders & Menu items

  1. Cmd + p to search for a file
  2. Shift + Cmd + p to bring up the command pallete
  3. View > Show Console to open up the console
  4. Opt + Cmd + 2 to split screen into 2, Opt + Cmd + 3 to split screen into 3

###Multiple Selections

  1. Cmd and then select another section of code for multiple selection
  2. Cmd + d to select the next same word
  3. Cmd + k to deselect the next same word
  4. Cmd + left to bring a cursor to the start of line
  5. Cmd + right to bring the cursor to the end of line
  6. Cmd + Shift + Space to select the scope and expand selection
  7. Ctrl + t to swap to selections


  1. Cmd + f search this file
  2. Cmd + Shift + f search files and folders

##Resources on Sublime Text:

  1. Sublime text tips and tricks
  2. Essential Sublime text plugins and extensions
  3. Sublime Text tips
  4. Sublime Text for development

##Resources on Other Text Editors:

  1. Coda
  2. JetBrains IDE for various platforms
  3. TextMate
  4. Nide is a a web-based IDE for Node.JS
  5. Vim is a text editor on unix-lie systems
  6. List of Text Editors

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