13 Sep 2013

##Equipment and tools used for capturing and editing:

Big thanks to the open source community and free software!

For Audio:

  1. C01U USB Studio Condensor Microphone

For Video:

  1. Quicktime to record the screencasts
    • iMovie to edit the screencasts and export *.mov video file
    • ffmpeg for video and normalised audio exports

While recording screencast:

  1. SwitchResX 4 to switch my screen resolution to 1280 x 720 and keep my notes in a dual monitor to refer while speaking and recording

I have written several command line scripts for automation for starting, continuing, recording and publishing each episode.

For command line:

  1. iTerm2 with Solarised Light theme instead of the default Terminal app

Other paid software:

  1. Mouseposè