010 SASS

10 Aug 2012

SASS is a CSS pre-processor that makes authoring styles for our project very modular, readable, fast to change styles and tonnes of fun! While creating our SASS project, we will also learn about O-Notation - a fast way to measure efficiency in algorithms.

Download video: mp4

Sample code: Github

Version: 3.1.20

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##Tools used to create the episode project:

  1. ruby programming language and rubygems
  2. sass with its detailed documentation
  3. Google Web Font Quando
  4. Subtle Pattern background weave
  5. Lettering.js with jQuery as dependancy
  6. 3D Text

##Common SASS commands

The following commands are for the command line:

The following are stuff to play with when authoring sass:

##Resources on other CSS Pre-Processors

##Resources on O-Notation

##Build Link of this Episode

Lea Verou’s CSS3 Tools has a list of very useful CSS3 reference apps handcrafted by Lea Verou herself [twitter]