011 Responsive

17 Aug 2012

Using 3 JavaScript libraries, we will create a completely responsive, fluid one pager on Space Exploration! We will use Fittext.js for adaptable text, Fitvid.js for adaptable video and Responsive Slides for adaptable slideshow.

Download video: mp4

Sample code: Github

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##Tools used to create the episode project:

  1. Fittext.js with its source code in github
  2. Fitvids with its source code in github
  3. Responsive Slides with its source code in github
  4. Google Web Font Pacifico and Arimo
  5. cdnjs to externally host jQuery
  6. jQuery as a dependancy for all 3 javascript files
  7. Creative Commons photos of Astronomy
  8. viewport meta tag

##Build Link of this Episode

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