015 Github

29 Sep 2012

Github is an awesome website to find many open source projects, look at the code, contribute and discuss them. In this episode, we will see how we can create a project, push our project code to github, raise an issue, fix an issue, pull request and eventually merge a pull request.

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Version: September 2012

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##Tools used for Github:

  1. Github
  2. Git

####Using Github to find open source projects

  1. Explore
  2. Repositories
  3. Languages

####Using Github to explore one particular open source project

Explore the following various tabs and buttons:

  1. code
  2. network
  3. pull requests
  4. issues
  5. graphs - contributors, commits, code frequency, impact, punchcard
  6. files
  7. commits
  8. branches
  9. ZIP

####Share your code with everyone through Github

In your computer:

touch README.md
git init
git add README.md
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin https://github.com/sayanee/projectname.git
git push -u origin master
git remote add origin https://github.com/sayanee/projectname.git
git push -u origin master
git add .
git commit -m "added the changes"
git push origin

####Create issue and fix an issue

  1. Go to the project page in Github > Tab ‘Issue’ > New Issue
  2. If you are the repository owner, you can close the issue with the git commit message and the issue number (e.g. issue number 3): git commit -m "fixed #3"

####Fork a repository, change and pull request

  1. Go to a github project page to which you want to contribute
  2. Fork the project to make a copy to your github account as well
  3. Make a local copy of the project with git clone https://github.com/username/projectname.git folder-name
  4. Make a new branch to work on the new feature with git branch -b branch-name
  5. Push to your github repository with git add . and then git push origin branch-name
  6. Visit the Github repository page and ensure the branch is set to the feature branch.
  7. Click Pull Request

##More Resources on Github

  1. how to work with multiple accounts and GitHub
  2. How to GitHub: Fork, Branch, Track, Squash and Pull Request
  3. Lets suck at Github Together
  4. Generating SSH Keys
  5. Mac application for Github
  6. how to do a pull request on github
  7. GitHub tips and tricks

##More resources on HTTP Request Methods 1. http request methods 2. http method definitions

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