005 Markdown

06 Jul 2012

Markdown is an easy way to render html.

Download video: mp4

Sample code: Github

Tools used:

  1. Install Perl if you want to run Markdown from the source code and check in terminal for the perl version installed with perl -v
  2. Mou App Markdown Editor for MAC OSX
  3. Jon Combe Markdown Editor or Dingus for the web

Learning Markdown:

  1. From markdown to html using the perl source code
    • perl Markdown.pl input.md > output.html in the command line
  2. using a desktop markdown editor, Mou App
  3. using a browser-based markdown editor, Jon Combe Markdown Editor

Common Markdown syntax:

More resources:

  1. Main website from Daring Fireball
  2. 30 resources for Markdown
  3. Markdown Cheatsheet

Uses of Markdown:

  1. Readme Driven Development
  2. readme file for new repositories in Github
  3. Stackoverflow
  4. Forrst
  5. Node.js based blogging engine

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