I am currently constructing my home lab. I will re-start recording the episodes in my new lab from next half of the year, July 2015.

038 Alfred

12 Apr 2013

Download video: mp4

Sample code: Github

Version: v2.0.2 (178)

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Background on Alfred

  1. Main website
  2. Brief features and detailed features
  3. blog

Things to learn with Alfred

1. install

  1. download the free version or buy the powerpack
  2. check out the preferences
    • General

2. search & open

  1. Open:
    • File
    • Folder
    • Website
    • App
  2. Search inside file: open, find, in
  3. Select multiple with key using buffer
  4. Web search: Google, image, map, translate, wiki, amazon, custom search (adding stackoverflow and github)

3. productivity

  1. Calculator:
    • Simple with 4*5 + 8
    • Advanced with =ceil(9.04) or =floor(10.98)
  2. Dictionary
  3. Contact search: ensure correct privacy setting
    • search
    • send new email
  4. Using the terminal
  5. Using themes

4. workflow v2 (the new extensions from v1)

  1. some noted workflows
  2. edit workflows - example shown with the currency converter workflow
  3. make new workflows - a simple shoutout on the screen

More Resources on Alfred

  1. extras gallery
  2. Alfred workflows
  3. Alfred themes and workflow developers: David Fergusan or Florian
  4. Similar to Alfred: Launchbar and Quicksilver
  5. How web developers can user Alfred App

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